Ideas are beginnings

A design isn’t enough on it’s own.

The Product Design and Development process has many elements. You can have better profit margins and happier customers.

Partnering with us, you can focus on marketing and sales, while we have a great product designed and made within your budget.

At our studio we help you complete projects successfully. Our clients range from those who come to us with an idea to those who seek final design optimization for manufacturing.


Design Research. We research your idea to establish its position in market against ready available current ideas, patents, and products.


Conceptual and Detailed Design. After all the main features are frozen at the preliminary design, we polish the design detailed features.


Design for manufacturing (DFM). Design analysis and optimization based on best matching manufacturing process to improve quality and reduce costs.


Sourcing & Managing Manufacturing. We source manufacturers within the country of your choosing; to minimize cost and simplify logistics.

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